About Dr. Schmidt

Dr. Schmidt is the President of Schmidt and Libby Health Advisory Group.  She is board-certified in infectious diseases and internal medicine, has a master’s degree in Public Health from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and is an associate professor of Clinical Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University.   Dr. Schmidt excels in the analysis and breakdown of the barriers in implementing health programs. She has been interviewed by several national and local media teams.  Dr. Schmidt has published in major journals and has given presentations at national specialty meetings. She practiced her specialty of infectious diseases for 25 years and has many awards and honors including the Best Physicians in America.

In addition, Dr. Schmidt has had several leadership positions. She was Chief of Staff at the Inova Fairfax Medical Campus from 2010 through 2013 where she led the quality and citizenship activities of 2,400 physicians.  She was a member of the Command Center at Inova Fairfax Hospital for Disaster and Bioterrorism Events and a member of the Inova Health System Oversight Committee for the roll out of the Epic medical record system.  Dr. Schmidt has also held the position of Director of Transplant Infectious Diseases for 6 years at Inova Fairfax Hospital where she focused on the medical care of immunocompromised individuals and excellence in the care of transplant patients.  Dr. Schmidt has been a board member of the Inova Health System Quality and Safety Board, President of the Medical Society of Northern Virginia and a Board member to the Medical Society of Virginia. She is able to set and accomplish team goals, navigate through political dynamics and is known to foster an environment of transparency and open communication.

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